2011 - 2016 Ford F350/F250 Bumpers



  • Our bumpers are CNC Laser cut with Precision, designed to fit with close tolerances around the grill, Headlights, and fenders.
  • The hook points have been designed, and Machined to allow a chain hook, or a tow strap loop to pass through the upper opening.
  • The lower opening is 1”, designed to take a 7/8” Clevis pin.
  • The hook points are lined up with the bumpers mounting structure, & the frame of your truck to give the strongest possible connection.
  • Rock bumpers are made with 3/16” steel to provide rugged strength without adding unnecessary weight.
  • Our Standard in-bumper grille, is stainless steel, and has large holes cut in a staggered pattern, to create a web structure that spans less than ½” between supports, and is curved to match the radius of the front of the truck. This creates a light weight, strong grille with high volume air flow.
  • The center section of our bumpers are curved to match the front of the truck, with angular sides to make a softer, rugged look.
  • The “Full Guard”, and “Pre Runner” are designed to protect the front of your truck, maintain a Classy look, maximum visibility from the driver’s seat, with no Glare back, and less wind drag. They fit close to the front, making the front parking clearance only a few inches forward from OEM. 
  • Our bumpers are also reinforced around the “enlarged grille” (with a ¼” horizontal steel plate spanning between the frame mounting, supported with two ¼” gussets) to provide maximum strength, and air flow to the transmission cooler.
  • In our F350 & F250 Super Duty truck bumpers, the ¼” reinforcing plate is upgraded to a 3/8” Winch Plate. Making it simple to add a winch by simply bolting it in, then upgrading the standard 1/8” Stainless Steel grille, to a 1/4” Stainless Steel Winch Grille.


  • Snug Percise Fit
  • Better Airflow to Trans Cooler
  • Square Lights
  • Radius Front
  • User Friendly Hook Points
  • Made from 3/16" Steel



Front - 2016 F-350


Front - 2016 F-350 Pre-Runner

Pre Runner

Front - 2016 F-350 Full Guard

Full Guard